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Canadian Music Artist Boslen Inspires Millions

Updated: Apr 19

Juno nominated, Canadian Music Artist Boslen. Growing up in the bucolic farmland of Chilliwack BC, Corben Nikk Bowen did not have a traditional upbringing. Raised in Indigenous Hiza culture, he was brought up mostly by his single parent Indigenous mother, a stepfather, and has a Jamaican biological father whom he has not yet met. Joyous as a child, he cleared out his closet at 11 years old and started rapping pretending to be entertaining the crowds from his mother’s couch. By the time he was 13 he went by the name “Coffee Black.” But he also endured both internal and external struggles. Being one of the only kids of colour in his school he faced racial slurs and name calling and things were not good at home. It was ultimately rugby that lit his fire, his talent on the field resulted in a scholarship to UVIC. His dreams of being a professional athlete were set. Until he tore his ACL for the second time, and his dreams shattered. He made a deal with his higher power, “Take away Rugby, but give me music” As if it was divine intervention, the call was instantly answered and Boslen’s music career skyrocketed. In just a few years, he had a record label, millions of streams and downloads of his singles, albums were released, he headlined festivals and this year at 24 he received a Juno nomination.

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