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Canadian Sculptor David Robinson on the Tension of the Creative Process

Updated: Apr 19

Internationally acclaimed, award winning Canadian Sculptor David Robinson. David grew up in a very religious family with a charismatic Preacher Father, without much exposure to art. But David always believed he was born with inherent gifts, and his art was his calling. As a child he was always building structures, and his parents supported his path. He went on to pursue extensive and acclaimed studies in Fine Arts across Canada. Emerging from the “Petrie dish of his childhood” as he calls it, David’s internationally renowned art is created from a bronze, steel, silver, concrete, paper and mirrors. It takes the form of massive, meaningful monuments which are filled with seemingly tortured figures fraught with risks, tension, struggle, and conflict, which may mimick the human condition… and perhaps his childhood. But as highly acclaimed and award winning as David’s career has been, it is not a straight line.

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