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Chef Vikram Vij Creates a Feast of a Life

Updated: Apr 19

 @boldleaps  Season 1 Finale One of Canada’s Most Beloved Chefs, TV Personality and Author Vikram Vij

Vikram was born in India to middle class parents, a hard-working father and a sweet, nurturing mother. Perhaps due to his blue eyes, which are as rare as a white tiger, or his natural charm, either way, he says he was pampered like the village cow. As a young boy he loved to cook, eat, and perform all to great praise. He says that becoming a Bollywood Actor was his dream but being a chef was his fate. At 19 his fate seemed sealed when he got the opportunity to go to Austria to study to be a chef. It was there that he was presented with another opportunity to work at the Banff Springs Hotel. From there he moved to Vancouver to work in prestigious restaurants sharpening his skills until a fateful series of events lined up for the destiny of owning his own restaurant: His parents arrived from India with a paper bag full of money to cover the lease, his mother rode the bus every day with a pot full of homemade curry and he was introduced to passionate powerhouse Meeru Dhalwala who would become his wife and business partner. Vijs The Restaurant was born, and soon skyrocketed into notoriety world wide, and parlayed into cookbooks, more restaurants, product lines, food trucks and TV appearances, including a season on Dragon’s Den. The success of the food empire with the duo at its helm was meteoric, until the fate seemed to change.

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