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Dr Divi Chandna from GP to Intuitive Coach

Dr Divi Chandna grew up in a strict immigrant family enforcing the importance of culture and education. She knew she and all her siblings would wind up being doctors. And sure enough by the time Divi was 28 she had it all. She was a GP, married to the man of her dreams, had security and comfort until she got sick. Really sick. So sick she had to make significant changes in her life. She decided to leave her profession, and her marriage, and begin the long, transformational journey of healing herself. She hit the yoga mat and started meditating. She began to decipher between the loud voices of her ego and the softer voices of her intuition. As she began to focus on the softer, more loving voices, she started to listen to its guidance. The voice of the intuition became so clear that it led her to become the Internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker and Intuitive Healer that she is now. In this episode of Bold Leaps Dr Divi teaches us how to listen to our inner guidance so that we can all take steps towards our dreams and live the life we are meant to live. Thanks for watching! Tell us your bold leaps towards your dreams in the comments below Subscribe to Bold Leaps to not miss any of these inspiring episodes about pursuing your dreams also catch us at LinkedIn @ Lisa (Letwin) Bagshaw website IG @boldleaps  FB Lisa Letwin Tik Tok Bold Leaps

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