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Hilarious and Talented Jenn Robertson on Commitment to Her Craft

Updated: 4 days ago

@boldleaps  Season 1 E24 Award Winning Actress, Writer, and Comedian Jennifer Robertson comes by her humour and her talent honestly.   Her father was one of Canada’s funniest and most beloved political satirists, Bob Robertson of CBC's Double Exposure, and Jenn's easy humour does not fall far from the tree.

Due to her super busy schedule on Canadian Pottery Throwdown, and shooting season three of Ginny and Georgia, we met for the first time on zoom prior to the interview so I could find out more about her inspiring life. Instantly, she had me laughing so hard I choked on my coffee. In fact, she had me laughing throughout the entire pre interview and the interview. Even though you could argue there isn't a lot to laugh about when you go for an audition for Schitt's Creek and you literally apply at Petco to stock shelves while you're waiting to hear back, because things are so dire. Neither is it funny to bomb doing stand up in front of thousands of people in London. But she did that too, and she said it was the best thing that ever happened to her because she thought if she could get through that, she could get through anything.

So inspiring!

She sharpened her teeth taking courses and writing at iconic Canadian comedy series SCTV when she was 18, and for decades, divided her time between Toronto, Vancouver and LA as a working actress, writer, and comedian winning awards for almost everything she did. But her career was not a straight line and not without rejection, self doubt and hard times. It wasn’t until she got the role of Joceyln on International Success Schitts Creek that her career began to soar. After 6 extremely successful seasons as the world’s favourite mayor’s wife, she landed a lead role on Netflix sensation Ginny and Georgia and her career has been on an upwards trajectory ever since.

thank you for watching!

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About Bold Leaps:  @boldleaps Lisa Bagshaw creates, hosts and produces Bold Leaps which runs on CHEK TV and YouTube. After 30 years in media sales Lisa chose to take her own bold leap (at 60) and start her own TV show interviewing interesting, inspiring people from a vast array of creative backgrounds about the risks they've taken to pursue their dreams. Her goal is to inspire people to pursue their dreams by interviewing super successful people who also had to combat fear, insecurity, self doubt and anxiety. Just like she does.

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