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Internationally Acclaimed Florist and Plant Guru Thomas Hobbs is Not Afraid to Take Risks

Updated: Apr 19

On this episode of  @boldleaps  Internationally renowned florist, master gardener and author, Vancouver Based, Thomas Hobbs. Tom says he has been obsessed with plants since birth. Growing up in minus 50 degrees in Winnipeg, his obsession was a mystery to his family. But that didn’t stop Tom’s parents from supporting him. In grade six his mom made his dad build him a greenhouse, so he could grow and sell plants. When he was only 18 years old he opened his first plant store in Dunbar, at a time there was no such thing as plant stores, that led to another location in Richmond and three years later, when he was 21, Tom realized he needed to do floral arrangements to pay for the plants. He found the old TD bank building on West 41st street in Vancouver and decided to lease it and open a flower shop. He fell in love with the location and the building but he didn’t have the money or experience. But that didn’t stop him. He took the leap and leased the building. But it wasn’t until he did something so controversial that it put him on the map internationally and his business began to soar.

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