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Internationally Renowned Artist Ian Wallace on his Meteoric Rise in the Art World

Updated: Apr 19

One of Canada’s Greatest Contemporary Visual Artists, the brilliant Ian Wallace Ian was born on the Shoreham Coast of England before his Canadian parents moved to the Interior of BC to a life of adventure and expansive landscapes. His parents then moved their 5 sons to North and then West Vancouver where Ian’s artistic talent and entrepreneurialism began to flourish. His nearsightedness prevented him from playing sports so he turned to his studies, writing, and a natural talent for painting. He was soon known as the school artist. And by his early teens he was selling portraits and landscapes to his friends and neighbours. Life after high school took on a fast pace of leaving home at 17, working odd jobs, getting married, having a son, and pursuing his passion of studying art history at UBC at night and practicing art by day. Once he was at University, the embodiment of Ian Wallace as an artist, teacher, philosopher, historian and writer took shape. For three decades he was a highly respected lecturer and student of art history. When he was just 22, his work was featured at the Vancouver Art Gallery and ever since, the trajectory of his career has been ground breaking and meteoric. His work is internationally renowned, exhibited and studied and has put Vancouver and its esteemed artists from the Vancouver School on the map as leaders in photo conceptualism.

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