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Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin Takes Pies to New Heights

Updated: Apr 19

World Famous Pie Artist and Author, otherwise known as The Pieous, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin  @thepieous  Jessica was brought up in a richly stimulating environment with encouraging, high achieving parents. A father who had an esteemed career in aerospace technology and a mother who was an equally esteemed artist. She grew up with her father advising, follow your bliss and have a business plan, and her mother’s advice, make a mess. This combination of science and art, entrepreneurialism, and adventure, has beautifully meshed in everything Jessica pursues and achieves. Although she says she was a nerd in high school, she also had an unwavering “pathological confidence” to try new things. Like her father, she started out in Physics in University, and after a couple of years, left that and played guitar in a punk band called Slag. Once that was out of her system, she got serious about art, design and film making and experienced enormous success in everything she did. In 2016, while making films that won awards, she started baking pies and posting them on social media. It wasn’t long before her wildly creative and architecturally inspiring pies went viral. Her new career and brand, The Pieous, skyrocketed into millions of downloads, international TV appearances, online courses, best selling cookbooks and even Ripley’s Believe it or Not!.

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