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Joe Keithley aka Joey Shithead of Punk Sensation DOA Never Quits

Updated: Apr 19

And today’s guest on  @boldleaps   is Legendary, Canadian Music Hall of Famer, Joey Shithead, founder and frontman of DOA, International hardcore, punk sensation. Joseph Edward Keithley was born in the mid fifties on Burnaby Mountain, at a time when most of the Dads on his street were war veterans who had been given 2 acres of land and a house. Even though his father held firm on right winged opinions, Joe, from an early age had different ideas. At 8 years old, Joe remembers being deeply affected by key issues in the world, including the Vietnam war, nuclear testing, and environmental issues. And then there was music. At 11 he wanted a drum set. His mother helped him with the cost of the kit and he started playing in the basement much to his father’s chagrin. By the time he was 16, Joe and a few of his high school buddies were playing in a band and protesting for Greenpeace. After a brief experience at law school, he decided that was not for him, and at 18, he left home with $100 and his sleeping bag and pursued his dream of music. This fusion of Joe’s two passions music and activism has prevailed in Joe’s life to this day. His incredible life has been an octane-fueled, fast-paced, outrageous adventure of being known not only as the Godfather of Hardcore Punk, but also an outspoken activist, protester, and a man in service of the community.

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