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Josh Mepham is Animated about the Risks He Takes

Updated: Apr 19

Josh Mepham, Animator and Director of international success was a kid who loved to draw and doodle. It was always his happy place. When he heard there was a program at Vancouver Film School for Animators, he jumped on the ferry from Victoria and signed up on the spot for the program. His career took off immediately after school and then after several years of working for someone else, he decided to go out on his own and form his own company. He had immediate success creating a show for Netflix. But the road is not without high stress, ups and downs, risks and failures, set backs and disappointments. Watch the whole episode for this inspiring story. #takearisk #pursueyourdreams #inspiringstories #inspirational #inspiringhuman #goforit #believeinyourself #believeinyourdreams 

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