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Leila Getz Gets Things Done

Updated: 4 days ago

Leila Getz, Artistic Director of the  @vanrecital  is  of the world’s leaders in fostering classical music talent, especially from youth.   When Leila was one year old living in Cape Town, South Africa, her father went to war, and she was brought up by her mother and her mother’s sister. It was Aunt Ree, who first exposed Leila to a wild and colorful world of artists, performers, and the theater. In University, Leila studied music and was proficient at piano and cello. But she herself had no desire to perform. So she took up teaching and worked as a concert page turner. At 25 she met and married her husband within three weeks, and moved with him back to Vancouver where he was working at UBC. Again she tried teaching music but she no more wanted to be a teacher than a housewife. It was when she decided to create her own music series, that her life completely changed. She set up appointments with music managers in New York City and hopped on a plane by herself to pursue her dreams.   As a result of all these bold leaps, Leila has presented Canadian debut performances of some of the world’s most brilliant and respected young musicians, many of whom are now superstars, built a loyal and diverse audience of nearly 45 years and is the recipient of both the Order of BC and the Order of Canada for her achievements

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