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Michelle Good Never Let Fear Stop Her

Updated: Apr 19

And today’s  @boldleaps   guest is internationally acclaimed writer, Michelle Good. Impacted by the 60s Scoop, Michelle popped out of the foster system at 18 with no money, skills or support. She faced abandonment and perceived herself as deeply traumatized. And yet, there was a fearless force inside of her, a survivor who worked for Indigenous organizations for 25 years, and in her early 40s, she took herself to UBC to become a lawyer. While she was a practicing lawyer, advocating for survivors of residential schools, Michelle had burning desire to write a book, a dream she had had since she was a little girl, addressing the question, “Why can't they get over it?" She was slowly writing the book for 9 years while practicing law until she got serious and went to the UBC Fine Arts program at 58. In 2021, at 64 she published her debut novel, Five Little Indians, which has been showered with accolades, awards, international recognition and television options. And she’s since written another passionate and essential book, Truth Telling, which is also meeting with international acclaim. #pursueyourdreams #takearisk #inspiringstories #dreams #inspirational #author #activist #lawyer #survivor #residentialschools #overcomingfear #advocate #onestepatatime #nooption

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