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Queer Artist Jaik Puppyteeth on Facing a Crossroads and Overcoming Addiction

Updated: Apr 19

@boldleaps  today's inspirational episode Illustrator, Designer, Writer, Activist, Queer Artist Jaik Puppyteeth. Jaik Olson grew up in the small, bucolic town of Radium Hot Springs with fearless parents who believed Jaik could do anything he wanted to do. As a little boy, Jaik was always fascinated by vintage cartoons and ads. He loved to draw from an early age and even sold his art to galleries in high school. After highschool, Jaik carried this belief in himself, and took himself to Vancouver to attend Emily Carr to pursue his dream of being an artist. But the dream shattered when after four years of art school, Jaik had no phone and a fairly hefty drug problem. He left himself no choice but to drop out. But the astonishing thing is, a year later, in his early 20s, Jaik got sober, quit his day job, committed to his art full time and went back to Emily Carr to finish his final year. And that’s when his career skyrocketed. Puppyteeth’s brand of bold, beautiful, absurd characters, in various states of peril, driven by, in his words, “an acute sense of self loathing” shot him and his unique style of art into internet fame.

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