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With Beauty and Brilliance Jennifer Abbott Creates Compelling Stories

Updated: Apr 19

On this episode of  @boldleaps   Internationally acclaimed Film Maker, Jennifer Abbott. Jennifer comes from a long line of highly accomplished family including Prime Minister John Abbott, Maude Abbott, one of the first female doctors in Canada and actor Christopher Plummer. Always a deep thinker, in University she studied Radical Political Thought, Deep Ecology and Women’s Studies. After briefly thinking about law school, she enrolled at Emily Carr to study Film Making. But after a couple of years, she decided she could teach herself everything she needed to know. And that she did. She went out on her own and began producing, directing, editing and doing sound on films telling stories about subjects that mattered to her. Her deep-seeded passion for causes including the climate crisis, corporate greed, animal rights, homelessness, grief and loss fueled her internationally acclaimed film career with such award winning films as The Corporation which is heralded as one of Canada’s best documentaries and The Magnitude of All Things, which also received awards and high praise.

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