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Bro Jake, the Bringer of joy

The Iconic, the Legendary, the Rockstar Brother Jake, (the Bro) Jake Edwards has won Canadian Broadcast Personality of the year three times, has been recently inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame but maybe most importantly to him, where ever he goes, he is "The Bringer of Joy." And to this last credit I can certainly attest having had the privilege of working with him for the five incredible years he held the key position as the TSN 1040 Morning Show Host, which was a move he said, that was "the most challenging in his career."

I was very excited to speak with him about this interesting tidbit along with all the bold leaps he's taken throughout his career during our interview on Instagram Live @Boldleaps last week. I had some technical difficulties to begin but the as the interview got rolling, so did this pro, and the gems of inspiration, wisdom and encouragement poured out of him.

Bro lives his whole life as an artist. He's an accomplished painter, ballroom dancer and sees being a broadcast personality as an art. He is as passionate about broadcasting, (and life) now, even though he is retired (for now), as he always has been. And his advice for people afraid to take a leap towards their dreams or afraid to get back up and try again, applies to people of all ages. "It's never too late to take a bold leap toward your dream. Believe in yourself", he adamantly says "and commit to it."

He says that the biggest risk he ever took was at 18 years old leaving Moncton New Brunswick to go to Broadcast School in Boston by himself. He had the support of his mother, but his father was dead set on his son having a career at the CNR. But Bro had the passion and the desire to be the best in the business from the early days of endlessly listening to transistor radios in his childhood. And this passion and commitment never wavered throughout his decades long, expansive, uber successful career as a Canadian broadcast personality.

Passion, an unwavering love of what you do, plus believing in yourself are the keys to success he says. As he worked his way from The Maritimes to Vancouver, I knew there must have been ups and downs and rejection along the way. "Oh ya, of course!" he said, "but I wanted to make people look me in the eye and reject me, so I drove from station to station until someone gave me a chance. And I would do anything for a chance to get behind the mic. I'd wash dishes, do yard work, drive the parade wagon. I just needed to be given a chance to show them what I could do." I believe he did too. He said the belief in yourself is what will ride through through any of the walls you are going to naturally face when you pursue your dreams. And if you have trouble believing in yourself or are grappling with self doubt? "Find a mentor" he says, "find someone who tells you you can do it when you think you can't."

Bro filled the 40 minute interview with incredible words of wisdom about commitment, vision, believe in self, perseverance, surrounding yourself with a supportive crew (or a dog) who believes in you, humility, being yourself and being genuine and his thoughts on money. One of my favourite quotes of Bro's was "Don't worry about the money, it gets in the way of being creative."

I hope you check out the interview, as I know all of us who are striving to put our creativity out there and pursue our dreams will learn from and be inspired by this Bringer of Joy!

You can check Bro out on Instagram @brojakeedwards (thanks to his incredible daughter, Bold Leaper Alex Mazerolle @allymaz who not only got him on Instagram for the live interview but provided moral and technical support to make it happen!)



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